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Pata ngoma mpya ya Singeri



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Singeli (also: Sengeli) is a very popular type of music in areas inhabited by Swahili or Coastal in Tanzania. Singeli is regarded as the modern “mchiru” or “mandana”. The music is a combination of Taarab, Bongo Flava, mchiriku and Vanga (beat) of Kizaramo birth to this music.

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The music is often played at weddings or birthdays – especially at the popular vigils called “mattresses”. The founder of style is Msaga Sumu.

Download | Velosa Kasweet Audio

Recent studies show that single music is growing and spreading at a very fast pace, especially city Dar es Salaam where artists who sing that music are found.

The music started in the 2010s while it looked like it was a copycat music that made it hard to grow during that period, it has taken hold in streets of Dar es Salaam and other parts of Tanzania.

Statistics show that percent of Tanzanians are familiar with the music and listen to it in different ways if there is a radio, put it in the phone, flash and play it in various celebrations that are held in the Tanzanian community.


Sengeli started with a few artists but the one who was heard the most was Msaga Sumu who performed with songs like ‘Naipenda Simba’ and many others which became popular and continue to perform until now in various festivals in the country.

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Since the presence of Msaga Sumu in the music, many other artists have emerged such as Dogo Niga, Man Fongo, Dogo Sudi, Dogo Mkamela, Sholo Mwamba and many others who are all doing well in music to the point of making Bongo Flava in danger in mattresses or various celebrations. This music that does not require the artist to enter the studio and record often, the artists use beats from other songs and then they do their mixing and then use them in their songs.

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In addition, in celebrations, such as giving birth (bathtubs), marriages and religious holidays, that music is played by 95 percent compared to other music such as gospel songs, dance and bongo flava.

Therefore, in the coming years, single music will be higher than other types of music in Tanzania because even radio and other media have received the music well, a good example is radio EFM.[1] Later, other instruments began to play this music, although there are some communities who see it as Hun music because of the words used,

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