9 New Jobs Tenders in Tanzania at ISOAF (Bomba la Mafuta)

ISOAF in construction of Pipeline from Uganda to Tanzania, They have Announced new Tenders welcoming interested companies to express their Interest by sending their application. The interested Company should follow instructions to apply for the tenders

In 2006, the volume of commercial fuel was confirmed to exist in the Albert Lake Basin in Uganda. Oil companies in Uganda; CNOOC LTD, TotalEnergies and Tullow PLC completed the exploration phase.

In November 2020 TotalEnergies completed the purchase of all Tullow’s interest in the Lake Albert Development Project in Uganda including the East African Crude Oil Pipeline in 2020. TotalEnergies, who is now a majority shareholder and CNOOC is now heading into the development phase, which will eventually lead to the production of oil resources in Uganda.

Once produced, crude oil will be refined somewhat in Uganda to provide the domestic market and parts exported to the international market. Exports to the international market will pass through the oil pipeline; East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

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This pipeline will be built and operated through the Oil Pipeline Company as a joint venture from Uganda Oil Company, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation and two oil companies; TotalEnergies and CNOOC.


All Candidates Interested should download the PDF file below


Not more than 19th Aug 2022

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