New Vacancy at D-tree International Tanzania , August 2022

D-tree International Tanzania is a global digital health organization dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to high quality primary healthcare in underserved areas.

Since 2011, D-tree has partnered with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health to implement an innovative digital health program, Jamii ni Afya (“Community is health”) supporting Community Health Volunteers to provide health services within their communities.

This program has consistently demonstrated improved health outcomes, a strengthened community health system, and increased use of data for decision-making. Over time, Jamii ni Afya has grown from a pilot to a national program and has demonstrated how digital technology can transform the quality of a health system.

The Zanzibar government has committed to adopting Jamii ni Afya at a national scale; integrating digitally-enabled Community Health Volunteers into their formal Community Health Strategy. This represents the world’s first nationally scaled digital community health program, bringing high quality health services to the doorsteps of all of Zanzibar.

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The digital health program reached full scale in August 2021, allowing D-tree to focus on program sustainability, quality and impact.


The organization is looking for individuals to fill a new vacant position. Read full details from the PDF Document attached below:

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