New Vacancies at Simba Cement PLC , August 2022

Simba Cement PLC (the then Tanga Cement Company Limited) has the capacity to produce more than 1.25 million tonnes of Simba cement and more than 1.25 million tonnes of clinker.

The primary raw material, limestone, is located at the plant site. The Company completed second largest expansion project by installing kiln number two. The first expansion project by the company involved installation of cement mill number two and packer III.

Tanga Cement Company’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001: certified. Simba cement products are produced in accordance with Tanzania Cement Standard TZS 721-1: which is equivalent to East African standard for cement EAS 18-1: and European Standard for cement EN 197-1.

Tanga Cement PLC is located about 15 kilometre from Tanga city centre. The company is incorporated in Tanzania under the Tanzanian companies Act 2002 as a public company limited by shares.

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Our Vision. To be the East Africa’s preferred cement manufacturer and distributor.Our MissionTo develop, produce and distribute consistently high quality cement and related products and services in a sustainable manner to satisfy our customers’ expectations.

New Vacancies at Simba Cement PLC , August 2022

The company is looking to hire individuals to fill new vacancies positions.  Read full details from the PDF Document below:

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