Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo 2022

Morrison azuo ltatizo lingine yanga

kwa hili Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo, YANGA returns to the field Last saturday to finish with Zalan of South Sudan in the return game that  played at 1:00 pm in the match of the preliminary round of the African Champions League but only one important star, Bernard Morrison ‘BM33’ has caused great fear to the technical bench of that team and seen as Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo.

Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo
Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo

Since Morrison played the last match against Azam which ended in a 2-2 draw, he has not been seen on the field again in the next 180 minutes which were two matches in different competitions.

Yanga’s doctor, Sheicky Mngazija, told Mwanaspoti that the Ghanaian winger was injured in the game against Azam, although he has already received treatment and found that he did not suffer serious injuries.

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Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo

“Morrison injured his ankle and we had to do tests on him, but they did not show that he was seriously injured, but he is doing well. We are continuing to monitor him gradually to check his recovery,” said Mngazija, who is a doctor who has served Yanga for the longest time.

When Mngazija explains that, coach Nasreddine Nabi has found himself blaming himself for allowing the winger to return to the field when he was in pain against Azam.

Morrison was injured when he was alone with the ball in the 89th minute, Yanga playing with Azam when he stepped on the ball badly and then got the ankle pain and was treated and then returned to the field.

Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo

“I asked him if he would be able to continue and he said yes, but he wanted to return after seeing that his teammate Aziz KI (Stephane) was injured and if he came out then we could play less if his teammate was unable to continue because we had not completed the number of replacement players,” said Nabi and added; Morrison kwa Yanga bado ni tatizo

“We will continue to monitor him closely to see if he will be ready, this is not good news at this time when we have many important matches and especially his quality (Morrison).”

In addition to the Zalan match that ended with the Sudanese being beaten 4-0, Morrison also missed the Premier League match against Mtibwa Sugar which was played on Tuesday and won 3-0.



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