Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga, sasa Yanga kuingia makundi Mapemaaa 2022

Nabi fasta abadili kikosi Yanga, Senzo aipeleka makundi

Nabi has admitted that the next step is going to compete with the best and hardest team and the head coach of the team, Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga, Nasreddine Nabi has confirmed that he will prepare the team for those matches to ensure that they penetrate to the African Champions League groups for the season this one.

The leaders of the Premier League, threw Zalan of South Sudan with a total of 9-0 goals, winning the first away match 4-0 and the other day at home it increased the dose to 5-0 and now it will face Al Hilal of Sudan.

Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga
Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga


Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga, sasa kuipeleka makundi

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Once he made sure to go to the first round, Coach Nabi told Mwanaspoti, the team that will meet Al Hilal will be completely different from the one that stretched Zalan.

Nabi said he has studied all those teams and the work was going on last night when they were playing each other in Khartoum Sudan, where the locals who broke the first game while away.

The coach who led Yanga from 41 Premier League matches since April last year without losing, said that in those matches they will have a different system and even the organization of their squad.

Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga, sasa Yanga kuingia makundi Mapemaaa 2022

“I know the fans are not happy with how we are losing chances, even I agree with them but this is due to the players trying to finish the match early and they find themselves putting themselves under pressure, we will work on this, not every match you will get many chances like this,” said Nabi and added;


“The next step will be difficult because we are going to meet the best people like us, I know what we will do we will have a completely different structure from our discipline to the organization of the squad.”

Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga, sasa Yanga kuingia makundi Mapemaaa 2022

The Prophet added; “There is a type of opponent that forces you to let go, but there is a team that you have to be careful not to put yourself in a difficult situation, what we are asking for now is the improvement of the players who got injured in these three matches.”

Nabi fasta abadili kikosi Yanga


When Nabi said that, the former Executive Officer of Yanga, Senzo Mazingisa, told Mwanaspoti by phone from Sauzi, that he follows all the matches of the team and believes that it is competing in the groups of the African Champions League.

Senzo, who resigned a few weeks before the start of the new season, said that Yanga is hot and the quality of their team and their technical bench is not the same as St George’s and Al Hilal will be able to prevent them from going to the groups if the players are sent to the field in the upcoming matches.

“I believe there will be big plans for these next two matches, I follow Yanga’s matches, you know I am a citizen, the team is very hot,” said Senzo who led Yanga to three titles last season.

Nabi abadili kikosi Yanga, sasa Yanga kuingia makundi Mapemaaa 2022

“The team is well-rounded, I don’t think it’s only a weak Zalan issue, this is a team that has won many difficult matches, there is also an excellent technical bench, these are the things that distinguish Yanga from the team that will meet them in the next stage, I see the Nationals advancing to the group stage this season.”

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