Selikali yatenga tillion 2.78 kwa ajiri ya Elimu

Selikali yatenga tillion 2.78 kwa ajiri ya Elimu

Waziri wa TAMISEMI, Selikali yatenga tillion 2.78 kwa ajiri ya Elimu, Innocent Bashungwa amesema Serikali itatumia kiasi cha shilingi trioni 2.78 kwa ajili ya utekelezaji wa miradi ya elimu nchini.

Ameyasema hayo leo tarehe 24 Septemba, 2022 wakati akitoa taarifa kwa umma kuhusu utekelezaji wa miradi ya elimu, jijini Arusha .

Minister of TAMISEMI, Innocent Bashungwa has said that the government will use the amount of 2.78 trillion shillings for the implementation of education projects in the country.


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He said this today on September 24, 2022 while giving information to the public about the implementation of education projects in Arusha.

Bashungwa said through the Secondary Education Improvement Project (SEQUIP) the Government has provided 1.2 Trillion Shillings with the aim of increasing access to Secondary Education, creating a safe environment for girls in Secondary Schools, and ensuring that all students complete Secondary Education and achieve their goals.


Bashungwa went on to explain that the Project to Improve Primary and Primary Education (BOOST): Will provide 1.15 Trillion Shillings. where you will improve the learning environment in public schools by building educational infrastructure, enhancing the competence of teachers and the quality of teaching in the classroom, by providing continuous training for teachers at work.

The Second Phase Education Implementation Program (EP4R II) will provide 435.90 billion shillings with the aim of continuing to build various school infrastructure (classrooms, toilets, dormitories, teachers’ houses), as well as buying teaching materials.


He explained that the interventions that will be implemented include Construction of classrooms; Construction of Teachers’ Houses; Library Construction; Construction of Toilets; Dormitory Construction; Construction of Squares; Laboratory Construction; Construction of IT rooms, Providing continuous training for teachers on the job, and Purchase of IT Equipment

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