Watu 16 wapata Ebora Uganda 2022

16 wapata Ebora Uganda

Serikali ya Uganda imesema jana, Watu 16 wapata Ebora Uganda 2022, kuwa watu 16 nchini humo wameambukizwa virusi vya ugonjwa wa Ebola kufikia sasa huku wengine 18 wakishukiwa kuwa na maambukizo ya virusi hivyo hali inayochochea hofu ya kuenea kwa mlipuko wa ugonjwa huo ambao chanjo yake bado haijapatikana.


Watu 16 wapata Ebora
Watu 16 wapata Ebora

The Ugandan government said yesterday that 16 people in the country have been infected with the Ebola virus so far while 18 others are suspected of having the virus, a situation that is fueling the fear of the spread of the outbreak of the disease for which a vaccine has not yet been found.

Watu 16 wapata Ebora

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In a message via Twitter, the Ministry of Health in the country has confirmed the deaths of four people from the disease while 17 others who were suspected of having the disease also died.

The outbreak has now spread in three districts, all located in the center of Uganda. An Ebola outbreak was announced last week in the Mubende district of the country. Infection of the disease often causes high fever and internal bleeding.


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